Periodically, a Master Gardener program is offered through the Extension Office. The Master Gardener Program is part of the Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service and is designed to expand horticultural knowledge throughout the community through the use of trained volunteers. Your decision to enroll in the program should be based on a commitment to help others in horticulture. You are asked to participate in a 40-hour internship to Cooperative Extension Service programs in return for the training.

The Cooperative Extension Service is committed to education. To accomplish this, those adopting the Master Gardener Policy must be willing to accept the challenge of wanting to go through a rigorous training including reading, quizzes, and a final exam.  Each participant is expected to attend all training sessions and keep up with the material being covered each week. An excellent curriculum has been developed that includes a wide variety of subjects. The program will be taught through classroom lectures, labs, and demonstrations. University of Kentucky Extension Specialists, Horticulture Agents, and resource people from the community will provide instruction. A Master Gardener Handbook and other resource information will be provided to each participant.

Master Gardener Application

What counts for credit in the Bullitt County Master Gardener program

Electronic Master Gardener Volunteer Hours and Training Report Form

For more information about the Master Gardener program, contact Lorilee Kunze at 502-543-2257 or email her at